Responses to Stephanie’s Work

The facts about platform

Lori Bodger
What exactly is platform? It’s a slippery publishing concept. You’ve probably had an earful of the standard industry thinking on the subject, but it turns out that there’s more (or less, actually) to platform than we thought.

Recommended Reading: “Platforms Are Overrated”

Cheri Lucas Rowlands
– October 26, 2014
Today’s reading recommendation, primarily for authors and writers with publishing goals, considers — and questions — various platforms used to build a web presence…

Please Don’t Bother Me

Allison K Williams
Back in June, I landed an agent. She sent me a questionnaire. How many Twitter followers do you have? How many Facebook friends?

Is Social Media a Waste of Time for Writers?

Meghan Ward 
Stephanie Bane, author of the Creative Nonfiction article mentioned above, claims that social media is a waste of time because, unless you have an astronomical following (think 50,000 Twitter followers or unique monthly visitors to your blog), your social media presence won’t land you a book deal. Here are my thoughts on this: